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Welcome to PAPEXNOVA, the digital realm where strength, wisdom, and confidence converge to create a cryptocurrency like no other. Inspired by the iconic meme culture, PAPEXNOVA embodies the essence of a father figure in the meme world, showcasing muscularity, assertiveness, and a wealth of knowledge.

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$2,250,100 / $6,000,000 38%
💰 Now: $0.0000000000014
📈 Stage 2 Price: $0.0000000000016

Listing Price: 1 $PAPEXNOVA = $0.000000000006 USD

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A groundbreaking cryptocurrency project inspired by the iconic strength and wisdom of the meme world's father figure. Combining the humorous and relatable essence of meme culture with the robustness of blockchain technology, PAPEXNOVA stands as a pillar of stability and confidence in the volatile digital currency landscape. Our community-driven platform is backed by a team of experienced professionals, ensuring secure transactions and fostering a space for innovation and forward-thinking.

As we launch our presale, we invite you to join the PAPEXNOVA movement, be a part of our legacy, and embrace the strength, wisdom, and confidence that PAPEXNOVA represents. Together, we are not just investing in a token; we are building a movement that transcends the digital space and creates a lasting impact on the world of cryptocurrency.

How to Buy

Connect Web3 Wallet

Connect Web3 Wallet

Connect any compatible wallet holding ETH, BNB or tokens which are based on these blockchains to start the PAPEXNOVA swap.

Get Some BNB

Approve connection with swapable tokens

The swap provider is automatically adjusting and finding the best swap options for you. Hit confirm and then you can select on the website how much you want to spend for each token.

Go to Presale Box

Finalize your Swap

Now just select how much you want to spend for PAPEXNOVA and you are done, easy enough!


Token Supply: 420,690,000,000,000,000 $PAPEXNOVA

$PAPEXNOVA keeps it simple and transparent: No taxes, no hidden fees. We believe in a straightforward approach for our community.

Contract Ownership will be Renounced: Full decentralization achieved, ensuring integrity and security.


Phase 1: Presale, Audit, Huge Marketing Kick-in (Press Releases, Articles)

Phase 2: Partnerships, CEX Top Tier Listings, PAPEXNOVA Merchandise

Phase 3: Meme Takeover, Twitter Trending

There is no connection between $PAPEXNOVA and Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog invention. This object is only a tribute to a popular and well-known meme.

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